From interview stumping questions to negotiating your compensation, companies have plenty of people helping them make hiring decisions... But finding your next job is usually a solo journey. The Talent Collective supports you through the application process, sharing trade secrets that will impress the socks off your soon-to-be employer, and helping you to negotiate your next salary like a pro.


Offering career tooling workshops packed with strategies, tools, and tactics, Talent Collective's career bootcamp will help you ace your career hunt. 

Who Is On Your Career Team?
“This bootcamp gave me the injection I needed to kick-start my career action plan in a supportive and relaxed atmosphere. A personalized and customized experience, expertly facilitated by Crystal and Annika. I couldn't have asked for more!”

Career Bootcamps cover:

Jumpstart your career journey with our Career Bootcamp

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  • A Digital Career Journey Workbook
  • 1x30 min private interview/negotiation prep call OR review and feedback of resume/LinkedIn


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  • Developing compelling written assets to convey your unique story (ie. cover letter, resume, LinkedIn)
  • Interview skills for phone screens and in person interviews designed to make you stand out from the crowd
  • The salary landscape, negotiation tips and strategies
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Ever notice how companies have teams making career decisions for you? 
We think you should have a team, too!

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